We will be following government guidelines for social distancing and safe working environments until further notice. Metro to regional Victoria bookings permitted from Nov 8th 2020 onwards. 


Updated 11th May 2021: The following policies will be in effect as directed by the Victorian State Government in an effort to contain transmission of Covid-19 until further notice:

- Photography is captured from a distance of 1.5m or more (where possible).

Meetings and test shoots can be replaced with zoom meetings and remote shooting sessions (please enquire).

- diligent hygiene protocol observed for hair and make up i.e disposable brushes/sponges where possible, daily cleaning, disinfectant, gloves, mask.

- studio to be open air (clients to bring range of warm/cool clothing to accommodate).

- all sessions limited to 2.5 - 3 hours.

- clients to reschedule without extra cost or fee if testing for Covid-19, have been diagnosed with Covid-19 or have been exposed to someone and is in isolation for Covid-19.

- clients to reschedule without extra cost or fee if State borders close and they are unable to travel (does not apply to those who travel out of State by choice and become stranded by border policy. We acknowledge the hardship that exists for many families right now but cannot afford to held financially responsible for decisions made by clients. We strive to remove any fees incurred by State and government decisions such as border closure that affects clients stuck WITHIN their home state. please enquire)

-All props, blankets, clothing, etc. will be sanitised with disinfectant before and after every session. These measures were already in place, but more detailed attention will be given to sanitising the entire studio between sessions.

-No shoes will be allowed upon studio entry. Please leave them at the door. (Bring warm socks to keep warm in the winter months)

-You will be asked to immediately sanitise hands upon entering the studio and hand sanitiser will be readily available when you need it.

-Photographer may be wearing a face mask for the duration of the session. The photographer and model will be alone in studio and photographer will remain masked. The studio windows and door will remain open/all doors and windows where possible remain open.

-All seating areas will be sanitised after every session.

-Only immediate family members or escorts will be allowed to attend sessions until further notice. Limited to 1 per person and person must be masked for duration of the shoot. No children or elderly permitted.  please enquire.

- please do not take offence if asked not to bring multiple/any escorts if photographer determines it is a liability.

-Friends or other people being photographed can ONLY be brought for that portion of the session and will then need to leave the studio following their part of the session..

- There will be a minimum of 24 hours between all sessions to allow for proper cleaning of the studio.

Clients Responsibilities
-Cancel your appointment as soon as possible for a later date if you have any of these symptoms: cough, fever, dizziness, loss of taste or smell, fatigue not caused by lack of sleep or breathing difficulty.

-If you or someone in your home is isolating or is showing symptoms, you must reschedule. If you arrive displaying symptoms, the session will be cancelled and NOT rescheduled. Please don’t do this.

- if you are stranded WITHIN your State by border closures, we will reschedule ASAP with no cost. If you are stranded in another State by border closures due to personal or work related travel choices, we ask you please accept that your take the risk you may miss your appointment and cannot reschedule.

- email immediately to reschedule if isolating, testing for or waiting for results of a COVID 19 test.

- failing to email in a timely fashion to reschedule your shoot where possible may result in disappointment. please email as soon as possible that circumstances are known.

We have downloaded and request all clients download the  COVIDSafe app to support contact tracing if required.