The Photographer

Rachel Mia

With 13 years experience in professional photography, film/tv, styling and make-up artistry, and myriad of odd jobs in the storied career that is mine, I draw on a wealth of experience to make my client's photographic dreams come true, be they creative or commercial!
Raised in Geelong, I began a love affair with photography from a young age, influenced by various family members who also undertook the art form, discovering shortly thereafter that Alice Mills, a fellow pioneer in women's photography, was also one of my ancestors! Alice was an influential professional photographer from Australia, active from 1900 to 1929, who established her name among the top photographers in Melbourne after seven years of work and stayed in that list for 30 more years! 
Beginning in creative portraiture but expanding over the years to working with performers, artists, small to medium businesses and more, I have worked with dozens of small to medium commercial businesses, helping them to articulate their visual branding and digital media presence, as well as thousands of artists and performers from around Australia and the world. With a B.A in Photography and Literary Studies with Distinction (currently undertaking my Honours at Deakin University) I draw on a stockpile of experience, training and creative innovation when creating for you!