The Studio

Welcome to The Studio- where the magic happens!

Situated on the fringes of residential East Geelong, The Studio is a dedicated, professional working space finely attuned to the creative needs of the independent artist/performer, as well as the commercial requirements of small-medium business, with an emphasis for both on creative flair and innovation!
The Studio provides a simply massive range of resources, from snacks and drinks to on-site amenities; a HUGE collection of props, costumes, jewellry, shoes, wigs, headpieces, outfits and more, along with customisable backdrop options and a range of professional lighting choices. This space can also accommodate up to 5 people at any given time (pending Covid restrictions!). The Studio can accommodate a range of projects, from creative to commercial, including group bookings, flatlay/product shoots, portfolio shots, commercial/promotional imagery and more!